Welcome to College & Careers !!

In our College and Careers class, we take bible study to the next level.  We dig deep into the historical context of the bible, focusing on and ensuring that we read the bible in its entirety.  In addition to studying the bible, we also spend time understanding the bylaws and beliefs of the church in great detail.  We feel it is extremely important to understand the origin of our beliefs so we can be prepared to defend/share our faith as necessary.

College and Careers is targeted at young people just after high school and into early adulthood.  We have a very relaxed atmosphere, comfortable room and in-depth discussions.  We share life experiences with one another and we strive to ensure everyone in the class gains something each week.

We embrace technology and utilize it to communicate, ask questions, debate issues and share important information.  Members that have a Facebook account are added to a closed group where we discuss items that we've read throughout the week.  No need to wait until Sunday to ask an important question!  We also use this group to request prayer and share issues that are taking place in our lives.